Cochrane China Center


Cochrane China Center (formerly, Chinese Cochrane Center) is one of over 70 regional geographic groups within the Cochrane family. The Center was established at West China Hospital, Sichuan University in 1999, and received support from the Ministry of Health of People's Republic of China.

The Center aims to promote Cochrane activities in China through the preparation, maintenance, dissemination and application of high-quality Cochrane systematic reviews. Our ultimate goals are to support healthcare practice and policy decisions, including guideline development, and regulatory and coverage decisions, through research, training, and dissemination.

More recently, Cochrane China Center has formed close collaboration with MAGIC China Center that synergizes efforts for timely producing high-quality rapid guidelines recommendations. Cochrane China Center also partners with ISPOR West China Chapter to develop and apply rigorous systematic reviews to assess outcomes of drugs and medical devices to support regulatory and coverage decisions.

Together, we  have developed a special task force, named Rapid Systematic Reviews and Evidence Translation Working Group. This Working Group convenes experienced researchers across the country to develop and apply novel methods that aim to timely produce high-quality reviews and translate the evidence into healthcare practice and policy.

The following figure illustrates the functional structure of joint efforts from Cochrane China Center, MAGIC China Center, and ISPOR West China Chapter.

Cochrane China Center and MAGIC China Center are an essential part of the Chinese Evidence-based Medicine Center, which was approved to establish by China Ministry of Health in 1997 and aimed to conduct high-quality research to inform healthcare practice and policy decision making in China. For more details about the Chinese Evidence-based Medicine Center, please search Chinese_EBM_Center through WeChat App. 

The following figure also shows the development of Chinese Evidence-based Medicine Center, Cochrane China Center, MAGIC China Center, ISPOR West China Chapter, and other platforms.