Cochrane China Network

Over the past two decades, Cochrane has taken the lead in advocating evidence-informed health care by producing high-quality systematic reviews and synthesised research evidence. Currently, Cochrane has official geographic Cochrane Groups in 43 countries supporting more than 96,000 members and supporters worldwide. The Cochrane China Network, which has recently been established to represent Cochrane and support evidence-based practice and policy decision-making in China, is committed to working with Cochrane Groups around the world towards a shared vision for better health.

The Cochrane China Network consists of the Cochrane China Centre and eight affiliates located in eight cities/regions in China, including Chengdu, Beijing, Chongqing, Lanzhou, Ningbo, Shanghai, Wuhan and Hong Kong. These centre/affiliates are regional leading institutions with expertise in research and practice related to traditional Chinese medicine, nursing, public health, implementation science, knowledge translation, evidence-based methodology, clinical epidemiology and health technology assessment. They work collaboratively to produce high-quality evidence, build capacity for current and potential systematic review authors, disseminate trusted evidence and improve the use and rigour of evidence to enhance health and wellbeing of citizens.